About Outlaw

Outlaw Excavating was founded in 2005 by Cody White and his two brothers who, born and raised on a farm in Kansas, found themselves operating machinery for many different agricultural applications. He relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 2001 to join an IT company, with the goal of progressing towards a career in Architecture. However, he was soon employed by a company specializing in pool construction, a common construction project in the beautiful Arizona climates. By 2004, Cody and his brothers Matt and JD had the confidence to establish their own company - Outlaw Excavating. Specializing in pool construction and beginning with just a skid steer, the company soon added a mini excavator and then a dump truck to its fleet. Outlaw Excavating enjoyed rapid growth in the economic boom of the mid 2000’s, employing up to 13 people and a small fleet of trucks. However, with the 2008/9 recession, work suddenly came to a halt and the team was reduced to just Cody and Matt employed by the business, scraping up whatever work they could manage. Once the recession was over, Outlaw Excavating began to grow rapidly, diversifying into various excavation projects all over the state of Arizona. In 2017, Cody founded Outlaw Trucking & Materials and quickly grew the fleet of for hire trucks hauling various aggregates around Southern Arizona. In early 2020, Outlaw began screening dirt and gravel, which led to an even larger joint venture in 2023, which now includes an even larger screening and wash plant and the output of various aggregates in high demand in the Tucson market. As of June 2023, Outlaw Trucking and Materials has 16 trucks available for hire and Outlaw Excavating has a diverse fleet of excavators of all sizes, skid steers, loaders, and trucks available for residential and commercial projects.
Combined Outlaw employs over 35 employees.